photo by Bryan Downey

Liza Adara, LMT,  is an experienced, intuitive holistic practitioner offering a range of supportive modalities including Massage & Myofascial therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy & Energetic Healing.

Treatments can be separate or most often are a blend of 3 modalities tuning into what is most supportive of individual client at the time. This greatly supports one’s overall health & wellness. Offering treatments to all ages, pregnancy, endurance athletes,  & strengthens body with various medical conditions & illnesses.

Massage therapy treatments address both muscular & myofascial structures aiming to bring body into more balanced alignment for supportive & clear  functioning, pain free living, optimum sports performance & a greater sense of ease, balance & strength within the body. Our muscular tissue holds patterns and tension which when released creates a feeling of connectedness, happiness  & empowered sense of self. Prenatal & postnatal massage provides tremendous support for both mother and baby in womb physically, emotionally & energetically.

Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy trusts in the body’s intelligence to lead the session, allows the body & nervous system to release stress & trauma held in body in a gentle process. The body strengthens & bathes in its own bright potency and health.  This facilitates healing & balance in a supportive space to bring the body to its optimum state of balance & wholeness.
Trained by Franklyn Sills of Karuna Institute & Michael Shea, this process is a beautiful enfolding of discovery of healing towards embodiment.

Energetic Healing & Reiki integrated into treatments restores body at energetic, cellular level. It supports physical, emotional & spiritual health. It creates a healing environment within body, supports receptiveness, reduces symptoms from conditions,  inspires the heart,  brings clarity, awakens intuitiveness and expands on a sense of sacred connection within.  

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