A Positive Response to Soothing Therapy

Read what clients are saying about Licensed massage therapist Liza Adara and her practice, Liza Adara Healing:

It is hard to put into words the gift that Liza has. I have been getting massages from Liza for 6 years now. I first came to her when I was suffering from Cluster Migraines. I was in and out of hospitals and taking tons of medication. The only relief I could get from the headaches was from massage! She has helped me to overcome cluster migraines, as well as anxiety and stress. Liza has a calming and healing energy about her. Following a massage with Liza, I feel totally energized, renewed, accompanied by an overall feeling of well being. Liza is an amazing massage therapist, healer, and friend. I feel truly blessed to have been touched by her gift and friendship!
Kristin Huber, New York

As an avid runner and CEO of a Telecom company i am always dealing with stressful situations and various running issues. Liza is amazing at working through the various running issues (IT band, achilles tendinitis) and other issues my body encounters. I have had many massages in the last 10 years and can honestly say that Liza is one of the best therapists i have ever used. I look forward to my weekly massage with her and know it makes a big diffrince in my running abilities, prevention of injuries and overall stress level.

I have known Liza for quite a few years both as a mentor and a friend. Liza is a beautiful, spiritual being who has been given an amazing gift of healing. Her gentle and loving personality, along with her experience and integrity speaks for itself. Anyone who is priviledged enough to work with her will surely benefit from it.
In Love and Light ... Pat Longo

When Liza comes to my house, all my worries and stresses leave my body. She transports me to a blissful space where I relax while she works on my problem areas. She has a spirit that is sweet and generous and she tells you ahead of time what she's doing and how it will help your problem. I have complete confidence in her to manage my issues because I feel the results.
Kathy T

Liza helped me get through two pregnancies and was the main thing I looked forward to every week. She is amazing!
Allison G

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